About Girly

I’m just a wee thing.

Living in New England. 

Relatively happy. 

Relatively healthy.

Very much in love.

Working in the high-stress corporate world.

Trying to rebuild my ghastly financial situation.

Struggling with daily life – but not struggling too hard. 

Still trying to figure out when to swim upstream and when to go with the flow…

… when to follow the path of least resistance and when to take the road less traveled.

In all of this, I just want a place where I can check in… if only to say Hello.

If it occurs to you… say Hello back!


5 Responses to About Girly

  1. Hello again… just wanted to stop by to let you know that I’m very envious and impressed by your ability and commitment to posting everyday. Thanks for taking me out of my world for a little while each day 🙂

    • Girly says:

      Thank you! This is my 5th blog – My first was alright – I struggled with the next 3 but this one feels right for me. As soon as I realized I didn’t have to be interesting it took the pressure right off and mission accomplished! 😉

      It also helps that very few people I know personally read it, so I’m free to be honest. Very important to me!

      I really appreciate your comment!

  2. I hear ya about the freedom that comes with not having many people you personally know reading your blog. I made the decision to have mine linked to my FB page and am somewhat regretting that. There’s the constant little whispering in my ear when I’m about to post something questionable (which I’ve always listened to at this point). Would hate for my fam to have access to some of my thoughts

    Keep up the candor! The 5th time is the charm

  3. Ginger says:

    I’m very glad to have found you 🙂 I enjoy your blogging and positive attitude 🙂

  4. Girly says:

    Aww, Ginger – thank you – I’m glad you did too – now I have a new bloggy buddy! 🙂

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