Mistress of her Domain

Hi Friends…  I’ve opened the new site…  www.ambercasares.com!

Lately I’ve noticed there’s been more Amber Casares’ in the world!  What can I say, they’re all younger than me so clearly, I’ve got imitators!  🙂

I didn’t want any of them to grab “my” name in the cyber world so I bought up ambercasares.com!  Now if they want their own, they’ll have to be ambercasares.net or ambercasares1… = sooo lame!  bwahahahahaha!

Anyway – Since I’ll no longer be even semi-anonymous I’m sure I’ll have to be more aware of what I put out there but I hope you’ll still find a reason to visit!

(I’ll keep this site up in case I need to totally unload a steaming pile of profanity!  You know I can keep myself in check only so much and for only so long!)  🙂

I’ve missed you!!

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Thank you

Farewell... for now... thank you for all your love and support. xoxo

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